Unique Designs

Our products are uniquely designed to fit your daily needs in relaxing and meditating on the word of God.  Let us help you in humbling  yourself with the sweetest fragrances of peace. 

Enjoy the journey!!!!

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Quality Products

The quality of our products are handmade using natural ingredients for healthier skin.  We want to make sure that your skin is getting the nourishing it needs.

The Result of Faith

Be of good comfort; 

"Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole." 

Luke 8:48 KJV

The anointing is what delivers God's people and sets the captures free. For if you are in Christ, you are anointed by God and have his full anointing-(Benefits).


Lord I want to thank you for your perpetual sweet
fragrance that you placed in these products. 
Everything belongs to you oh God. 
Saturate us as you continue to shape and mold us in your form oh God,
and that we shall be on one mind and one accord.  We shall walk in unity and love one another;
we ask that you continue to guide us in the right direction as we humble
ourselves before you.  Forgive us Father
for our sins.  In Jesus name. Amen.

The Overflow-God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.

  • "FAITH"

    Two words that describe faith:  Confidence and Assurance.  These two qualities need a secure beginning and ending point.  The beginning point of faith is believing in God's character - he is who he says.  The end point is believing in God's promises - he will do what he says.  In other word, without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.  (Hebrews 11:1-6) NIV - Study Bible


  • Popular Item: "The Favor of Queen Esther's Bubble Bath"

    The favor of Queen Esther's bubble bath was created to help with purification, renewal, healing and cleansing of our minds as we relax in God's presence. Let's prepare ourselves for our king or queen as we humble ourselves before King of Kings.



    When preparing to meet your king or queen it is a process of purification, renewal, healing and cleansing. The outcome is not just a physical change, but a change from within that shined outwardly. In the book of Esther she had to prepare herself to go to King Ahasuerus. In that process there were key components of the beautification process which was twelve months of prescribed beauty treatments—six months’ treatment with oil of myrrh followed by six months with spices (perfumes) and ointments. King Ahasuerus loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the women and he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen. That’s FAVOR!!!! (Esther 2:12-17) NIV


  • Sabrina Jones - Hammond, IN SaJ's Catering

    The spiritual healing bath balm powder is amazing ❤️❤️❤️got me feeling blessed and soft.  Shop with God's Bath & Body Anointed Gifts and you won’t regret it she has amazing products.  Thank you. 

  • Celexius - South Holland, IL Shopper

    Everything was shipped fast and just as described. The products were wonderful and I will definitely buy again.  Thank you.

  • Pastor Angela Hook - Lansing, MI Manages Forever Evolving Women's Empowerment Services, LLC

    I finally had the chance to take a hot and relaxing bath with my Favor of Esther Bubble Bath given by God's Bath and Body Anointed Gifts. Thank you Darlene Hardy . I highly recommend this woman of Gods ministry if you are looking for gifts to give to your loved ones that is spiritual in nature...

  • Sheila Jones - Lansing, MI Shopper

    I have been a customer of Darlene's for several years and I must say her anointed bath and body oils are truly a blessing.  I had a conversation with her after I used her bath oils  and it was amazing I let her know it was truly the best by far that I have ever tried.  Thank you..

  • Nathan - Salisbury, MD Shopper

    I will need these candles by October 23rd, 2018 for my wedding. Will they be ready in time? Yes! I Love them thank you so much! Definitely will help our day be more memorable!!!  (Can I have this written on the candles?) The word "Thank you."  Yes!!!

  • Donovan - Bakersfield, CA Shopper

    Thank you so much! I am very happy and can not wait to receive it. When you mentioned the blessed oil it brought me back to my younger days because my mother and grandmother used to give me blessed oil to rub in the palm of my hands. This is amazing, thank you again and God Bless!

    Hi Donovan, just making sure you're enjoying your candles. Please let me know how you like the products. Thank you!

    Yes I did! Thank you so much, I loved them and I am sure the recipients that I give them to will love them too!

    I love the quality and thanks for the blessed oil! God Bless!

  • Pastor LaNette Hester - Lansing, MI Shopper

    I love God's Bath & Body Anointed Bubble Bath & Body Oils!!!!  Lavender Body Wash and candle is my FAVORITE!!!

  • Minister Jonetta Norris - Lansing, MI Shopper

    I have been using God's Bath & Body Anointed Gifts products for over 3 years.  It is one of my favorite brands to use for bathing, lotions fragrant needs.  What I like most about the products is not only is it good for your skin, but it is a blessing for your soul.  Thank you.

  • Anna Pryor - Lansing, MI Shopper

    God's Bath & Body Anointed Gifts products are made with the utmost care and high quality ingredients.  They leave your skin feeling clean, soft and moisturized.  You only need to apply small amounts and because of that, the products last you a long time and are very economical.  My Egyptian Musk lotion lasted almost six months and I used it many times a week.  My lavender bubble bath/shower gel has lasted even longer.  Try out these great products, you'll be glad you did!

  • Brandon – Akron, OH

    Satisfied customer, Darlene
    (owner) had a fragrance that I could not find anywhere. I got the product. The
    scent was on point and wasn't watered down. The Smell is GOOD!! Customer service was GREAT. Received product faster than I expected. Try her out!

  • Theresa Clark – S. Holland, IL

    First, I want to thank God’s
    Bath & Body Anointed Gifts for sending my order out earlier than expected.  My order included the favor of Queen Esther’s bubble bath with matching candle. The bubble bath/shower gel moisturized my skin so softly and foamed beautifully as the fragrance filled the room.  But the candle is what topped it off, it permeated the whole room with its awesome smell.  I am very well please with all my products.  Thanks again!

  • Lynette – Fort Worth, TX

    I am very pleased with the
    Michael Kors and Burberry body oils I ordered. The oil was not heavy in texture and the fragrances were spot on. Much care was taken in packaging my items to prevent damage during transit. Darlene added a personal touch in sending me a thank you for supporting her business. My expectations were exceeded, and I am planning to shop here again.